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How do analytics techniques help researchers?

– Go beyond tabs and high-level summaries to uncover complex data-driven insights
– Understand the magnitude (size) and direction of relationships among key data elements
– Rule out chance explanations for observed patterns

Here’s a list of our Standard Analytics offerings:

– Correlations
– Drivers Analysis
– Penalty/Reward Analysis
– Brand Maps
– Relative Brand Strength (RBS)
– Factor Analysis
– Rank Order Analysis
– Tournament-Style Rank Order Analysis
– TUR(F)

We also offer a wide range of Advanced Analytics techniques:

– MaxDiff and Paired Comparisons
– Segmentation/Exploratory Clustering
– Tranditional Rating/Ranking Conjoint
– Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) and Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs)
– Path Modelling via Partial Least Squares (PLS)
– Time Series Analysis

Our other services include:

– RIM Weighting
– General Consultation (e.g. methodology/design)
– Basic Data Analysis
– Custom Statistical Modelling
– R Programming

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